Thursday, May 19, 2011

A poem, at last

I find that distractions are at times avoided
By diving deep into their static maw
Focusing on a single point
And drinking from the cup of time

Dance; dream and reduce your sleepy eyes
To a vapor-like ember of a memory
Coalesce all that you know into your burning cells
And grant honor to years.

Lines down glass is all that I know
Best described by noise, humor and filler
And the world could be still, could be still...
But by choice, I amble full-bore down the path.

Tap, glance and blow; repeat
Find the pattern in my synapses
It's there, all there, surrounded by light and dark
Amazed by resiliency, posted to my constitution.

Words, yes. All words
But an ending to a diluted prematurity
Patterns in the fabric of stylized grammar
Fool hearty and stout all the same for lack of time

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