Sunday, August 09, 2009

25 reasons I love Jenna

photoI've been thinking about this post for a while now, and not just because Jenna did the same thing for me on my birthday.  When you're truly in love with a girl, you can't help it; thinking about her is comparable to breathing.

So, happy birthday, Jenna.  Here's my short list for you.  Even when you're 100, the list will be far too brief.

1.  She is totally and completely kind, generous, and patient. (Ok, so that's three.) An example?  How about her taking care of me?  Surgeries, ER visits, you name it.  Infinite capacity for kindness.

2.  She spends every lunch of hers at home.  Even if it's for 20 minutes, she drives home to see the family.

3.   She is the best mommy in the world.  Every action of hers speaks love.

4.  She's the only girl I have ever known who can get ready for a date in 15 minutes and look completely, unreasonably, and insanely drop-dead gorgeous.  I don't mean to be superficial, but honestly...have you seen her?  She's beautiful.

5.  She has opened herself up to everything that I've found to be beautiful in my life, and has made them 100 times sweeter.

6.  She has the most beautiful long, blonde hair.  And she hasn't cut it!

7.  She never makes fun of the stupid things I do, like eat a package of Chips Ahoy in one sitting.  That must take restraint.

8.  She puts up with me.  Every man who has ever loved a woman should nod in agreement, because we're very despicable creatures sometimes.

9.  She's a geek like me.

10.  We like the same shows.  TV, movies, anything.  She even likes Star Trek.

11.  She loves my family.  She loves my mom and my dad, my brothers and sister, and everyone else.  She was excited to meet them, and is always excited to see them again.

12.  She's the most accepting person I know.  She'll take you into her heart and trust you as long as you let her.  She understands the miracle of forgiveness, and forgives regularly.

13.  Hard worker?  That's her.  Earned her bachelors when she was 19.  Her masters was at 23.  Could have been earlier, but she met me and, eventually, Sumner.

14.  You should see the way she plays with Sumner.  That boy is so smart because his mom teaches him everyday.  She encourages him and loves him and makes him feel safe.

15.  She and SaraJane are two peas in a pod.  They are kindred spirits, and well suited for each other.  I love when Jenna comes home; watching my baby girl run to the door to get her mama is the best part of my day.  I have that to look forward to, and I am grateful.

16.  She's a morning person.  What does that mean?  That means I get a happy girl to wake up to, every morning of my life.

17. She bought me a computer for Christmas, using her money that she earned from work.  She's totally selfless.

18.  She lets me sleep in like 99% of the time, even when she's tired.

19.  She still has friends from when she was a kid.  It's fun to watch her get together with them.

20.  She'll always make you smile.  When I'm sad, she can figure out a way to make me feel better.  She's insightful like that.

21.  I know I give her a hard time about this, but she's fun to teach Primary with.  She takes the edge off and makes the kids very comfortable with tough topics.  And while I'm on that subject...

22.  She's amazing with kids.  Every kind of kid.  Kids that bite.  Kids that hit.  Kids that have no one to love, and no one to love them.  She'll look at them and see the good in them and help them progress.  She's infinitely patient with them.

23.  She was born to be an Occupational Therapist.  It's one of her callings in life.  I love her for this reason because it takes a special girl to figure out such a great calling so very young in life.

24.  And because of her selfless attitude in working so hard for our family, it allows me to continue my journey in life to find out who I really am.  Currently, it has brought me to a retail job in a mall, which I love.  And I'm figuring out a lot about myself because of it.  But it would not be possible without her sacrifice and ability to take care of our family with her job.  I love, love, love her for this.

25.  She is my wife, and she chose me.  I chose her.  We're better together.

I tried to be sneaky and post a few extra reasons in there.  25 just isn't enough.  I know I'll post this tonight and think of 10,000 more within a few hours.  But she knows I love her.

Happy birthday again, sweetie.

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Kami said...

Happy Birthday Jenna! I could think of many things that are wonderful about her too! You guys are such great friends to our family! We love your family and Jenna is an amazing girl. You are so lucky to have her!