Thursday, April 16, 2009

04/16/09 - Something to write

Something about having a notebook with me where ever I go encourages me to write.  Although I still wish I were a pen and paper guy; my brother keeps a journal with him wherever he goes so he can jot down ideas and thoughts immediately.  I guess it shows the 10 year disparity between us.  I do remember the thrill of the open, blank page too, but my tenure with such an environment was shorter lived and thus my transition to typing everything was much more rapid.  

Even in the dawn of the digital revolution, writing on word processors was more engaging than most contemporary computer programs.  All you had was the cursor and maybe a menu.  Nothing to distract you; nothing to lead your writing down the wrong angle.  It's what I dislike most about Microsoft Word.  They seem to think you want 9,000 options when really, all you want to do is make something bold, or change your font.  

Writing with the pen is an art.  I should put more energy into it.

Spent most of the morning cleaning up the house with the family's help.  Too much was neglected yesterday; Wednesdays are generally nasty.  The wife is at work all day.  Waffles came to the rescue though.  Waffles make everything better.

We did manage to get Sumner's hair cut though.  When the time came for Sumner to jump in the chair, the young lady called out "Summer", as happens more often than not.  The wife and I both knew this was a possibility when we named him, but I didn't realize how annoying it would be.  This, coming from the person who was called "Ryan" or "David" or some other combination his whole life, but never "RyanDavid".  SaraJane won't fare much better, I'm afraid, even with the lack of a space betwixt her pronouns.  What have I done?

There's much for us to look forward to in the coming weeks, as we get to travel to Utah as a family to see my niece's baptism in early May.  I haven't been in Utah in spring time in years, so it will be nice to go back.  I called Snowbird today to make reservations like I do every year, but received word that Summer packages won't go into affect until a week after we leave.  Sigh.  There's always next year!

No word yet on when the volunteer work at the hospital begins; I was hoping for a call this week.  With Friday on the horizon, I'm leaning heavily toward next week.

The boy just came upstairs; he seems a bit restless.  I'm going to do the daddy thing for a little while.  Thanks again for reading!


pop said...

The name's a curse X 3...


admin said...

Nah. I got used to it when I moved to Arizona.