Monday, April 13, 2009

04/13/2009 - Fuzz

Today was a long day for some reason. Not really something I can pinpoint at the moment, as the standout emotion I am feeling right now is a calming one.  I am fiddling around on my laptop while Sumner swims in our neighborhood pool.  Very satisfying.  I still have a lot to learn on Mac OS X, so much in fact that I really don't care that my computer isn't currently connected to the Internet.  I don't think I've felt that way since I was using Windows 3.1.

So again, I'm just fiddling around while trying my hardest not to break anything super important.  Oh yes, and I'm also keeping a close eye on the lad, though I'm very impressed with his swimming skills.  He's trying to follow a much larger teenager around the pool right now while he swims laps.  I think this bothers the teenager.  So much annoys them.

Now he's attempting to make conversation with him.  I've counseled Sumner to keep to himself and mind his manners, and the teenager made no protest.  I'm going to assume that Sumner is, in fact, annoying him.  I think I'll let him be for now.  Pretty good entertainment.

Earlier today, I had an orientation meeting at the local hospital that I will be volunteering at.  I arrived at what I thought was late, but was surprised when I found myself the first in the lobby.  As each minute rolled by, more and more volunteers sauntered in the door.  There was a total of eight people in my very diverse group.  Living next to Leisure World, I expected a group comprised mostly of older people (or citizens, as the 34 year retired LAPD volunteer called them), but instead saw a complete range of individuals from all backgrounds.  Some, like me, had decided to pursue a different career and were hoping that serving at the hospital would give them further direction and light.  Others were graduated from their undergraduate program and wanted to learn specialties such as Social Work.  One older couple wanted nothing more than to share the joy they had found with their 3 1/2 year old Golden Retriever with others in the hospital.  One young woman was there to simply deliver cookies.  A great group of people that genuinely wanted nothing more than to serve their fellow man.

I learned near the end of the orientation that we would already be receiving our ID badges, pictures and all.  My most previous experience with ID badges was not such a pleasant one, with a scowl on my face and grown out fuzz atop my balding head.  I began to regret not taking the extra time to shave my head that morning, when all of a sudden the power went out in the building and the reserve generator kicked in.  The volunteer coordinator gave us a sigh and admitted that there would be no ID badges today, as all non-essential devices would be powered down for the time being.  Small miracles.

Now, the hour grows late and the sun has set beyond the point of lighting my keyboard for efficient use.  There's always more to come from me, nevermind you that.  Thanks for listening to my tales this evening.  Till next time!


Jenna said...

No worries you look great to me. I think you are gonna really like working in hospitals.

pop said...

Nice to have a reprieve when you need one.
So, you start up Friday, after getting your new ID badge that morning?
Best wishes in this noble endeavor.