Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's 5:25am..what the heck

So, we got into town here in Lehi, Utah at around 3:30am...but add another hour because of daylight savings time, and you have a much less inviting hour to start sleeping. Plus, I had my very first "energy drink" tonight. Since I had so much driving to do, I figured it'd be the right thing to do.

The can says 50% juice. Ok, that's believable, but I think the remaining 50% is deer urine. The stuff tastes terrible, and it only gets worse as it gets warmer.

But that particular drink was a "Rockstar" beverage. The first can I tried was a "Monster", and that tasted like a bag of skittles blended in a can of grape Shasta with 14 sugar packets for good measure. The thing was so sweet, it made my head spin. I do believe we could have poured it into our gas tank and gone an extra 300 miles or so.

So, the point is that I guess I prefer the taste of orange deer urine, because I finished that can, but only managed about a fifth of the Monster. Go figure.

I should try to get some sleep. It's gonna be a long day, and the rest of the family is sleeping soundly. But how can I sleep when I have the remnants of the Soul Shaker 5000 coursing through my veins?

Off I go to try! Goodnight! Or good morning. Either way.


pop said...

Sounds like an interesting start to a great journey and incredible adventure for RD, Jenna and Sumner.
Have fun, take care and go easy on the excretory refreshments!
Hi to the Paxmans!

Mort said...

And you have now given me yet one more reason to avoid those energy drinks. Your descriptions honestly made me laugh. Have a good trip!

the 1one1 said...

Man up, energy drinks are fine. You have to try an Amp energy drink... they're delicious