Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Three E's

Head on over to the Moblah'g page.  I have a full write up on today's E3 events!  Much happiness today!


The Photography page has been updated.  Skip on over when you have a moment!

Evening time, and I feel a cold bearing down on me like a deadline.  I really dislike this feeling, as I'm sure most do, because it only brings the assurance of further misery in the days ahead.  When the cold first hits, you feel run down, but not terribly so.  You can still eat normal food, at least. 

The last time I had a cold, I told myself that next time I got sick, I would take the opportunity to eat heartily before it really set it.  Why, then, can I only eat pizza flavored Goldfish crackers?  I had the inkling to eat something...but this is all that came to mind.  And they taste like Juicy Fruit gum, for some reason.  Ugh.  I hate colds.

On to better news, I found out late last night that the family has an opportunity to travel back to Lake Arrowhead next weekend.  Finally, an opportunity to MoBlog remotely in a place where most haven't been before!  For those not familiar with that region of California, I posted a few pictures over at the Photography section of the site. 

Those pictures are mainly placeholders for the time being.  After multiple trips, I have yet to produce any solid prints.  I'm hoping with a little bit of patience, I should return with something better.  And of course, there will be fuzzy cellphone camera pictures posted at the Moblah'g daily.

Come to think of it, all posts will be located at the Moblah'g during the trip, as I won't have any access to anything else.  I don't know why I'm typing this now.  There is still nearly 10 days until we leave.  Anticipation is sweet, is it not? 

My mind is blank now, so I'll tidy up this post and bid goodnight to one and all.  The family and I will hop in the Fit and head on down to Blockbuster, I think...we're really enjoying the unlimited movie pass deal they have going.  During the past two months we've watched more movies that most people have in their whole life, I believe.  We've definitely watched more than we anticipated.  I could never get the hang of returning movies on time, anyway...they must have figured out that most people were like that when they obliterated late fees.  I'm truly grateful for that one, for sure.

Sumner always seems to think it's his turn to choose a movie though.  He'll probably keep that up until we've exhausted the entire Family and Children's movie section at this store.  That could take a while; we do live in East Freakin' Mesa.  Countless numbers of children here make for a big selection of cartoons.  We'll see what he picks tonight.  He's on a big Garfield kick right now, which is OK with me.  I coaxed him toward that title last week, it being one of my favorite shows from my childhood. 

And no, he doesn't seem tempted by the horrible CGI Garfield movie voiced by Bill Murray.  Wait.  I've probably just jinxed myself.  What have I done!?  Heaven help me if I have to sit through that.

Wish us luck.  Oh, and I polished off the bag of pizza Goldfish.  Smooth.  Happy E3!

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