Monday, July 09, 2007

Mars Rovers

No one mentions them much anymore, so I was surprised to hear that both the Spirit and Opportunity rovers are alive and kicking on the surface of Mars.

Just for a bit of perspective, this mission began on June 10th 2003 with the launch of the Spirit, touching down on January 3rd 2004. I'm not sure, but I believe the rovers planned tour of duty was 90 sols. I just confirmed it. As of May 2007, Spirit surpassed 1200 sols, more than 13 times the anticipated length of service.

Since 2004, both rovers have sent a steady stream of scientific data about the surface of Mars. I love reading about them, and I can't believe I've missed this much over the past few months.

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Mort said...

Those crazy people at NASA. What I really want to know is: Do they know if ants can sort screws in outer space yet?