Monday, July 09, 2007

Lost/Found phone

I had the unhappy circumstance of losing my phone today. The silly thing was that I actually remembered where I left it, but found it missing from that location when I returned. (so, did I really lose it there? Good question Anyway.)

I got 'er back now, so I'm ready to roll. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy after the weekend, mainly because it was non-stop for the duration.

Man, it feels good to write again though. Shows me that I need to keep it up. I have a large blog coming tonight, too. I did leave it alone for much of the weekend due to the fact that I burned myself up trying to learn Flash on Friday.

So it's definitely time for an update. Check that Blog page'll be surprised, I promise you that. I know I was!

Posted wirelessly!

1 comment:

Mort said...

So where did you get it from if it was not where you had originally left it?