Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Out of gas

I thought it was pretty cool that I went 385 miles on one tank of gas yesterday.  This feeling remained with me until this very morning, when I started my car and backed out of the driveway.  I got no more than 15 feet away (at an incline, no less), when the car sputtered to a dismal stop. 

It wasn't a very good start to the day, but that's the risk I took.  I can't imagine any logical reason why I did not stop for gas on the way home from work; I had about 25 different options.  But, I was in a groove, man!  This driver stops for nothing.  'Cept a lack of gas. 

So I worked from home today.  Not a bad deal, since I do the work from home thing every Friday.  This does mean that I will have to forego the process this week, as my WFH allotment is finito. 

I'll keep this entry brief, as I've been posted to the Moblah'g much lately and will continue to do so throughout the week.  But the site redesign is going to plan, and soon you'll see a new and improved photography page.  First things's first, though...I got to take more pictures.  In 110 degree weather.  Not the most fun thing to do.

Perhaps the thing to do would be to take a vacation?  I can't quite think of where I want to go, though.  Oh, wait. Nevermind.

That's it for now!  Please head on over to the Moblah'g, if you haven't done so already.  Lots of stuff to be found there.  And please comment.  Oh, and drop me a note.  I always appreciate the thought!

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