Friday, June 29, 2007

Ooh, it has a name...iDay

Seriously, we are an anesthetized nation. Did you know the bald eagle was taken off the endangered species list yesterday?

Take a look around you and see what else we distract ourselves with needlessly. I won't point the finger far from home though; I'm guilty too.

Too many cameras and not enough food.

Ah well. Change should probably start with me. Sorry for the downer of an entry...I just feel bad for the people who, instead of waiting for June 29th so that they could spend $600 on a new cell phone, waited outside an underfunded shelter last night because the beds were full.

Yes, that's a dramatic swing. I'll also sound like a hypocrite at some point int the future, when I pine for the next latest gadget.

Hopefully i'll be a bit more balanced out by then, eh?

Hey, it's friday!


1 comment:

Mort said...

See, I think the difference is that you're not going to camp out for a new gadget. I can't fathom why these people do something like that. A pampered society, we are. Camping out for a new phone is pretty unhealthy (mentally and otherwise) if you ask me.