Saturday, June 30, 2007


I finally got to give it a good look, and I will say that I'm mighty impressed with the build quality of the device. It even outshines the solid feel of my 5.5g iPod.

I placed a few test calls and was impressed by the sound quality, but not overly so. The volume was a bit low. I can definitely get my Treo louder.

EDGE speeds were actually functional. Whatever unofficial upgrades they made to the network speed during the past week will definitely pay off, though we'll see how that pays off as more customers activate their devices.

The most impressive aspect of the iPhone and the only thing to trump my Treo was the new touchscreen. Unlike most other smart phone's screens, this one is made of glass and you can just feel the technology behind it. I never had to push very hard to get it to respond.

And yes, they virtual "keyboard" was terrible. I've written this entire post from my Treo with very few errors or corrections. The simple text message I sent from the iPhone took way too long.

Overall, I like it though. It's a good device, and I hope it comes to Sprint someday so that my wife can get it.


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Anonymous said...

Me get one? Fun...You should work for CNET

Mort said...

I have to ask: How easy did the screen smudge? That would be one of my biggest concerns (I mean, look what happens to black iPods). And that keyboard...yeah, I didn't think it was going to work. Nice to hear that the other stuff works well, though.

enderwiggn said...

Keeping in mind that the iPhones that I held were already pawed over by hundreds of people, they didn't look that bad. A quick wipe and it was good to go.

And there appears to be no easy way to scratch that glass, either.

One particular screen looked like it had been defaced by a large spit wad, but I don't blame that on the device.