Saturday, June 30, 2007

Access denied!

See that big security guard to the right? He form tackled me as soon as I entered the crowd with my Treo. He said his intervention was surely better that the alternative; apparently the entire iPhone kiosk is surrounded by laser beams that destroy any Windows Mobile device.

I kid, I kid. I did manage to snap a few shots. Impressions? Yeah, it's nice. Perhaps a bit too nice.

Sumner is begging me for lunch. More later!

Posted wirelessly!


Mort said...

I dunno, I think you could've dodged him. He doesn't look like the most agile security guard I've ever seen...

enderwiggn said...

Looks can be deceiving. That man attacked like a puma.

The funniest "real" moment of the day came when a 14 year kid scooted in front of me so fast when I approached one of the display models. He practically knocked me over!