Monday, March 13, 2006

XBOX 360

I'm still getting used to the updates.  You'll have to excuse me while I attempt to locate my routine in all of this.  You'll also have to excuse me if this entry gets a little open ended and meandering.  I'm watching/listening to Winnie the Pooh for the Nth time this weekend.

Wife and I had a rather enjoyable weekend together, although not much was truly accomplished.  Friday night we decided to rent a video game and eat frozen pizza at home while the 'rents watched our boy.  Turns out Blockbuster nixed our membership a while back; they wanted us to spend a little while and fill out their application.  It didn't take much for me to turn my back on that.

So, we ended up still eating cold pizza, but instead of a video game, we went grocery shopping.  Fair trade. 

Saturday was spent seeing family and friends.  My buddy Neal and I drove around in the never ending rain.  I received a free burger coupon from Red Robin for my birthday, and seeing how that is one of our favorite eating establishments, we dropped by late in the evening to pay them a visit.  However, 45 octogenarians decided to spoil that event by attempting to seat themselves at the aforementioned restaurant five minutes before we arrived.  Harrumph.

I never did give a report on my birthday now, did I?  What a tremendous day.  Kudos indeed to my beautiful wife for managing to procure an XBOX 360 AND not tell me about it.  She's always had a hard time keeping surprises from me, bless her heart; I could tell how excited she was when I finally opened that present up last. 

And my, that 360 is quite a beast.  Forget whatever reviews you may have read online.  You really have to see it to believe it.  The craftsmanship inside and out is amazing. 

The wife also crafted me a wonderful scrapbook detailing our marriage up to this point.  Actually, that is my favorite present that she gave me.  That particular present is holding semi-permanent residence on my desk at work, for those particular times when I'm in need of a good pick me up.

Another fun happening on my birthday was a rather rousing Web camera session with my brother and his seven kids.  Technology can be quite a blessing; this instance in particular.  I was actually able to watch and hear each one of them sing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Sumner quite enjoyed it too.  He's at that point in his life where most things are magic.  I'm going to like this phase, and truly will be sad when it nears its end.

There have been more updates to Bloggenpucky and Code Sanctuary; be sure to give them a peek.  Eric is outdoing himself with coding and such.  You'd have to be  true geek to appreciate the in's and out's.  Oh, by the way, Code Sanctuary is what was formerly known as The Difference of Opinion Web site, which died long ago.

And look!  My old St. Patrick's day banner image is back.  That should be fun to use for a little while, at least.

Yeah, that's all.  Have a great week!  More to come, says I.

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