Tuesday, March 21, 2006


11:19pm.  What am I doing up at this hour?  I really should be asleep.  For some unbelievably ridiculous reason, I procrastinated the writing of six two page papers until the last bleeding moment.  Yes, that does equal roughly 160 pages to be read and 12 pages to be written, in less than six hours.  Come to think of it, I'm fairly proud of myself.

Problem is, the papers themselves are complete garbage.  I'd probably give them a D if I graded them myself.  Simply not too proud of them.  But what else can you really expect?  I'm just elated that I'll have something to turn in tomorrow night when I head to class.

So now, as some form of outlandish punishment, I sit here at my desk writing more unconscious drivel in the form of this blog entry.  I admit it; I'm hooked to writing it.  Besides, I did send out the general e-mail to everyone about four hours ago, informing them that Outside the World had again reopened.  So, if you followed that e-mail here to my silly blog, welcome.  This is all there is for now, really.  Please don't be too disappointed.  Try to remain temporarily disillusioned.  There.  That's better.

Nothing much else to report on, I'm afraid.  The wife and child got back from Mesa late this evening, both stricken with some sort of flu bug that I desperately hope to avoid.  Poor Sumner came home asleep in his mother's arms, and I'm afraid that's the condition that he preferred for the remainder of the evening.  Poor guy.  You just feel terrible when a child gets lambasted by a virus that should only be meant for adults that can handle it.  And by adults I don't mean myself, for I have never handled the flu season with much steadfastness.  (see 11/25/03)

Oh, one final thing before I retire for the evening.  You've probably noticed that this particular page loads considerably slower than it had previously.  Well, that's because I added a weather widget on the bottom of the page.   Now, whenever you get a hankering to find out what the temperature is in Glendale, you can visit my site!  Gee, the utter uselessness of the widget is finally manifesting itself to me.

I'm hoping that it will work itself out and "be more faster" (see Homer Simpson, "Stupid TV, be more funny!" episode), but I'll end up removing it soon because it's just irritating.

On a sad note, my stupid wireless mouse keeps reverting into a paperweight.  It's turned itself into an unrecognized USB device 14 times this evening, and I don't believe it's concerned enough with its dismal performance to stop at any point.  Alas, time to put it to rest.

Speaking of which, this entry could use a rest, as well as my hands.  Good day to you all!

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