Friday, March 17, 2006

Where does Aquaman live?

I forget.  Is it St. Patrick's day?  I think I may have blogged about this in past  years, but when I was much younger, my friend Jimmy and I would search the wooded areas near his house for leprechauns.   This was a tradition on each St. Patrick's Day.  We both would swear that we could see them darting throughout the trees, keeping their pots of gold or bubble pipes just out of reach of us. 

Because you know, back then the pipes only had bubbles in them.  What else could it be?

I probably shouldn't make this a terribly long blog tonight.  I fudged on my homework and writing this entry isn't exactly supporting my case for not doing it.  Plus, I worked nearly all day long on a Web site for work (yes, I know, I just said I don't like doing sites for other people, but this is work!) and I'm just plain tired to seeing FrontPage for the time being. 

Interesting note:  "Frontpage" is categorized as a spelling error.  "FrontPage" is not.

As this is the last blog for the week, it should be mentioned that it is to be another rainy weekend.  So, bring those umbrellas and hooded sweatshirts back out for one more rainy Saturday.  I hope you don't wash your car.  If you own a Prius, I'm not too worried about you.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, well, you're just not reading this enough, are you?

The Office quote of the night: 

(How to get them to understand?) "Well, I'm like Superman, and these people are like citizens of Gotham City!"

"That's Batman, Michael."

"Ok, well, I'm Aquaman.  Where does Aquaman live?"

"In the ocean."

"Nerds.  I work with a bunch of nerds."

End The Office quote.

Have a great weekend!  Monday it is, then!

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