Monday, March 06, 2006

Wash your car, you Prius owner...

If the wife wants a blog, then I should write a blog.  I might add that she still calls them blobs.  Maybe if I link to her Web site, she'll feel the pressure to update her own, which I might add has not been attended to in quite.some.time.

I learned a few things this weekend.  The most random of which is this: Toyota Prius owners never wash their car. 

If you doubt me, take a look at one the next time you're driving.  My guess is that it will have at least six months of residue caked onto each door.  The theory is that these environment conscious drivers take their passion many steps further.  Waste want, want not.  And they "want not" a clean car.

We had a wonderful weekend, yes.  We spent our Saturday morning at the birthday party of a little girl whose mother works with me.  On the way there, we listened to the songs from Curious George.  It's a fine set of songs by Jack Johnson, although it gets a little too childish around the end of the album when he sings "Reduce Reuse Recycle."  Hey, he could be singing to Prius owners.  Never know with that guy.

Saturday night we were off to South Chandler (who knew there was such a place?) where we attended a massive party thrown by my employer.  My wife has wanted to get pictures taken in those photo booths for quite some time.  You know the kind, they're always in the mall and they always cost $.25 more than you currently have in your pocket.  Yeah, those.  Well, turns out the company paid to have six of them at the party.  I lost all excuses to not enter into that forbidding closet. 

But once inside, I realized it wasn't all that bad.  I don't know what I expected, really.  Perhaps one of those chainsaw wielding maniacs like you see at the Haunted Houses around Halloween, I dunno.  I just held some deep seated fear of those. 

Oh right.  It's because I tend to take lousy pictures.  Forget the chainsaw guy bit.

Nevertheless, it's amazing what an extremely attractive woman sitting by you can do when taking a picture.  Her beauty radiates so profoundly in all of the pictures that you must admit you hardly even notice me!

Hmm haw.  That must be it for now.  I'm fairly tired.  More to come this week.  Birthday on Wednesday!  Hoorah.

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