Thursday, March 30, 2006

Three hour class

Remember a couple of days ago when I crammed 12 pages of homework into one night?  Also, remember that I hoped for a "C" grade at best?  Those same papers were returned last night, and I got all "A's".  Fantastic.  Probably couldn't have received better news in class.

Ah, but I thought I did.  Upon arrival at class, my teacher explained that he was in a terrible mood.  His left arm hurt and he hadn't had but three hours of sleep the previous night.  So, of course I thought that class would end early.  It didn't.  Instead, we stayed exactly one minute later than the full three hours.  Three.Hours.

I had some strokes of good fortune this evening.  I needed to find a few items to take into work, but the problems arose from the fact that I had not seen these items in nearly five months.  I searched high and low, as a person does at first, and gave up about 30 minutes into the search.  I attended to other tasks for the time being.  Meanwhile, my mind raced as I thought of possible hiding places. 

And you know where they were?  In the exact places that I had looked 30 minutes previously.  Isn't that the way it happens?  But my wife does know that I'm not the best at finding things.  It's just something that happened to me, I don't know when or why.  I simply pass over things very easily at first glance.  It's terrifying to think of whether I carry this thoughtless pattern over into other areas of my life.

I'm fairly exhausted.  Can't really keep my eyes open much longer.  It would be a unique happening if I tried to write one of these entries during day light hours.  ho knows, the quality might improve.  Well, goodnight.

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