Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"The Wedge"

I just got home from school.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I cannot promise that this entry will have depth or meaning, but that's not really a big deal. 

My brother is chatting with my over MSN and continues laughing about something.  That something would be this:

In many respects, it deserves whatever criticism comes its merry way.  Unfortunately, and I do mean regrettably, that is what I used to call my blog.  I haven't a clue what I meant by it.  I think I was playing around with a thesaurus or perhaps I drew a name out of a black hat in a dark room.  Who knows, really.  At least it's over with, done.

I mentioned to him that I could just see him laughing.  The Wedge.  Ooh!

I also mentioned yesterday that I would try to post another picture of the snowy vistas surrounding Phoenix.  Well, a combination of higher temperatures and increased pollution did not permit me to obtain a good shot.  But I got one nonetheless.

Sadly, it's just about as blurry as the phone camera pics because I had to digitally zoom so far to get a good enough view of the capped mountain in the distance. 

And as a special treat, a somewhat better picture of the (I think) C-130 on the tarmac at Deer Valley Airport.

Now I'm rambling and posting silly pictures.  I should probably end this for now.  Overall, a fairly anemic post, but fun nonetheless.  Have a great day!

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