Monday, March 20, 2006

Daddy? I'va shoe!

Another week is upon us.  Well, not for me, not yet at least.  It's still Sunday night as I type this.  My friend and I just spent a good couple of hours playing Lufia II for the Super Nintendo.  Lufia is an old RPG that we used to play for hours and hours when we were still in high school.  Ah, good times.

That's the great thing about the Super Nintendo.  The games just don't seem to get old; they really retain their replay value.  As a side note to this topic, the wife and I had been looking for a used Wheel of Fortune game for a while now.  In our weekend pursuits, we happened across an extremely cheap copy of the game for the Nintendo 64, the successor to the aforementioned Super Nintendo.  We decided to purchase it, and upon playing it at home, only got one game out of it before we turned it off.  It just looked so dated. 

The wife and child are away at the moment, visiting her mom and dad in Mesa.  Since she has observations down there on Mondays anyway, she decided to spend the night there instead of waking up at the crack of dawn.  Smart lass.  But now, the house is empty and quiet, and I don't feel much like sleeping.  So, I update.

On Saturday, we celebrated two birthdays.  My mother turned X years on the 18th, so happy birthday to her, indeed.  I found her two bags of lemons on the side of the road, and delivered them personally.  No, I lied; the wife found them.  But I delivered them.

Was that all I gave her, you ask?  Why no, we also purchased the game SceneIt! for her.  My wife said that she mentioned wanting it once upon a time, and she did seem pretty excited to receive it.  Oh, and we got her a small box of chocolates that I thought were Jordan almonds.  Darn packaging trickery.
It was also Jenna's grandpa's 80th birthday.  Good on him for it.  The entire family spent the afternoon at a park near our house, wind and all.  I swear that man doesn't seem 80 years old to me.  He was running around, chasing his great-grandchildren around that park like he was 30 years younger.  I can only hope to be able to move as fast at that age.

Most of the family played a game of softball to round out the festivities, myself included.  During a "crucial" point in the game, my brother-in-law had to run to home plate, so I covered second in his stead.  Headed directly for me was my wife's cousin, by no means a small person, and he creamed me.  Completely bowled me over.  My hip still hurts.

But no matter.  It was fun nonetheless.  Sunday was very uneventful, Sumner and I had to return home early on during church time because he wasn't having any part of it.  His finger was stuck in his mouth the entire car-ride home, so I reckon he might have been teething.  Or he might just want me to have believed so.  Trust me, the little kid is getting smarter each day, so I put nothing past him at this point.  For crying out loud, we just had our first telephone conversation today.


"Daddy?  I'va shoe!'

"You have a shoe?"

"Yah! A shoe!  Hi?"

"Hello, Sumner!  I love you!"

"Love you, Daddy.  Bye!"

That's pert much how it was hammered out.  He turns two in about three weeks.  I won't cliché this blog by saying that the time is going by too fast, but dangit if it is.

I'd imagine this is long enough for a Monday entry.  Like me, I'm sure you all have a load of work/school/other to catch up on, so enjoy it, and certainly enjoy your entire week.  I'll be back tomorrow with more disreputable drivel.  Cheers!

P.S. @ 11:34pm  I'd like to know who's visiting lately. If you've a moment, drop me a line.

Yet another P.S. at 12:49am  The News section of OTW has just been added!  We'll see how this works out.  Keep in mind, I don't select the news, I just pass it on.  So when weird things get on there, don't tell me.  Tell the A.P.

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